Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yaya Design Blog: Dash for the Dress Bridal Show & GIVEAWAY :)

I love her invitations, so go check them out!!:)
Yaya Design Blog: Dash for the Dress Bridal Show & GIVEAWAY :): Hello friends! Know any brides looking for a great deal on a dress or other wedding items & services? Dash for the Dress is an event they wo...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A long Overdue Update!

Wow its been quite a while since i've been on my blog! I guess i've been occupied with watching my little man grow up so quickly! He is so big and it makes me happy and sad at the same time... i looke over all of the pictures i've taken since he's been born and he was so little and snuggly and now all he wants to do is crawl EVERYWHERE!! He is a crawling/ climbing machine! He loves to get into everything. I can't turn my back for even a second! It just blows my mind how big he is. I can't believe that he will be 8 months next week. They really do grow up too quick. My little man has the most contagious laugh that i love to hear everyday! He loves to talk to mommy and daddy, but loves to say dadadada the most( we're working on mama.) I love him so much more and more everyday. He has just recently figured out how to pull himself up onto everything. So pretty much all of my cute decorations in my house are put away or high up on shelves! No more cute house for a while! He loves his jumper but not since he's perfected his crawling skills! He gets quicker and quicker everyday! He loves his food and always makes a huge mess. He is so interested in everything and has to try and figure it out! He loves cords which isn't a good thing but he always seems to find them no matter how good i hide them! I love all the little things he is learning and how handsome my little man is! He had so much fun his first christmas, and of course he got so spoiled! I'm pretty sure he had more fun playing with the wrapping paper than his actual toys but it was still fun for him! That week of christmas he started doing the army crawl and had gotten that down pretty well and that christmas day night was when he crawled across the whole room on his hands and knees!! It was so cute and i'm sure i got a little more excited than everyone else, but you feel so proud when your child accomplishes something so big! It was so fun to see him get so excited when we would cheer for him! That is a special moment for a mother right there! I love being a mom so much and i know i've been so blessed! John has loved being a dad and loves the fact that cooper only knows how to say dadada right now! Its a little frustrating but i know he loves his mama! John is the greatest dad and i know he is so excited for when cooper is older and they can go out and do things together! Cooper is such an easy baby and i love that he sleeps through the night! We did have to do a little sleep training because he loved to stay up with mom and dad till 11 but that was not gonna fly with us! He now goes to bed at 9 and we get a few hours to ourselves! It is so nice and he is a happy baby when he wakes up! Happy baby= happy parents!!:)
John started school up again this last monday and i know he isn't too excited about it, but i know when he graduates it will all be worth it! I'm still working, but not as much because i hate being away from my baby for so long. I love being with him and i love my sweet little family!:) Here's a picture overload from Halloween on....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brin's Graduation

This last Thursday was my sister brinley's graduation! We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished in life!! She is now starting her adult life and is done with high school!! ha ha! She is so excited! She has a scholarship to go down to Dixie and she leaves the end of August!! It's gonna be so weird because i've never had a sister live that far away from me before but i'm really excited for her! She is going to school to be a dental hygenist and i think she will be great at that!
Her boyfriend josh, whom we all love so much, received his mission call a couple weeks ago! He was called to serve in the Calgary, Canada mission! We are so excited and proud of him, he will do absolutely great!!!

Cooper John Williams

Well he's finally here!! And as perfect as i imagined!! We have been truly blessed with such a sweet spirit in our home and i'm so grateful! Cooper John Williams arrived on May 19th, 2011 at 11:24 pm! He weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 20 in long! He is perfect in every way and we love having him in our family!
We are so happy he decided to come early! He was 11 days early but the doctors just kept saying that he really wanted to get here because i carried him so low the whole pregnancy! When i went in for my 36 week appt the doctor said that he could come anytime because his head was really low, so he told me if i wanted him to he would strip my membranes at 38 weeks if he hadn't come already! So i went in on monday the 16th and he told me that i was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced and then the doctor stripped my membranes! When i went in i was freaking out though cause i've never had that done before so when they took my blood pressure the first time it was a little high, so they took it again and i calmed myself down enough to get my blood pressure down to normal!! Well the doctor was still a little worried so he had me come in again on thursday the 19th! Well when i went in that day he told me i was dilated to a good 4 almost 5 and 95% effaced and then he stripped my membranes again and this time it hurt so bad. I went home a sat on the couch and just kind of relaxed. I was cramping a lot since the time i got home and then about 12 i started getting painful contractions that were about 8 to 10 minutes apart. I tried to take a nap but i couldn't so about 3 i called my mom to ask her what i should do. She told me to keep timing the contractions till they are about 5 min apart and to call john and tell him to start heading home from work!! So i kept timing them and they were getting more and more painful and closer together so i called john and told him that he should probably hurry home! When he got home we gathered all of my stuff and i was a little hesistant to go because i didn't want them to send me home. John finally talked me into going and we left for the hospital. The whole way there my contractions started getting more painful. They weren't as bad as i anticipated them to be but they were still breathtaking! When we got to the hospital it was about 5:00. we went into the front of the hospital and of course labor and delivery was on the opposite side so we had to walk a little way. One of my doctors was just leaving but he walked with us to help us check in. Well let me just say when you are having contractions you don't feel like walking fast, you just feel like curling up in the fetal position and holding your breath. Well when he saw me he made me walk faster. Definetely not what i wanted to do but it was all good! They took me into the delivery room and had me change into the cute hospital gowns ha ha! When the nurse checked me i was dilated to an 8 and 100% effaced. Wow that was not what i was expecting at all and i thought i would be in a lot more pain then i was. The nurse kept asking me how i was smiling and talking to her so calmly! I was so lucky to have such wonderful nurses. They helped me through everything and helped my baby boy get here safely!:) She gave me my iv and then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural! After i got that i was so tired so i tried to sleep a little bit! John's family came and stayed the whole time! They were so excited! The epidural kinda slowed down my progression so they gave me some pitocin and that sped it up too fast!! I dilated to a 10 at about 9:30 so the nurse told me that i could start pushing! I pushed for about an hour off and on and the nurse went and got the doctor at about 11:00pm. Our sweet baby boy cooper arrived at 11:24 healthy as can be and such a blessing to us. We are so grateful and couldn't be happier!
He is absolutely the best baby anybody could ask for! He loves to cuddle and loves to smile in his sleep! He gets cuter and cuter every single day and i wake up each morning wondering how i got so lucky! He is a good eater and a good sleeper and he loves to look around all the time when he is awake! I couldn't be a happier girl! We are so lucky and we love our little cooper soooo much!!!:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Almost Here!!!:)

My due date is almost here and soon enough so will little cooper!!!:) (obviously!! ha ha) I'm so excited to meet my sweet little man! I love him so much and i just want him to be here already!! I'm getting so anxious and a little nervous but i'm just tryin to keep myself busy!! And believe me i have! This weekend we finished his room and all the little odds and ends! Then we went shopping and got all the little things we don't have like binky's, baby q-tips, baby medicine, etc.!!! I never ever thought this pregnancy would get to this point!! I seriously thought i was gonna be pregnant forever so its so weird to think he will be here in two weeks ( hopefully less than that!!!)
On monday the 2nd of may was the beginning of my appts with the doctor every week! And the start of those uncomfortable checkups! He told me i was dilated to a 3 and i went in not even thinking i would be at a 1!! It kinda caught me off guard and i started to realize how real this was and that i was gonna have a baby!!! Me and john went to lunch that day and i don't think i could even eat i was so nervous!! I'm doin just great now and i'm really more excited than nervous!! I can't believe i'm gonna be a mom!!! I'm so excited and feel so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity!
This last monday we went back to the doctor for our next appt and i was almost dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced! I have no idea if that means i will go into labor sooner or not so i guess we will just have to see!! Hopefully he decides he wants to come sooner cause i honestly can't wait anymore!! I want to meet him and hold him!! I can't wait!!
Well hopefully everything with the delivery goes good! Here are some pics from cooper's room!!:) As we were deciding what bedding to get i was in shock at how much some of the baby bedding was! So my sister showed me the fabric that she was making coopers baby blanket out of and i loved it so i decided to make his bedding out of it!! I love it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

John's Birthday!!

This last saturday was John's birthday!! He turned the big 25!!! Wow he's old!! ha ha well that's what he keeps saying but its not true! That morning i decided to surprise him with breakfast!! I made his favorite, french toast and strawberries! I hope he liked it even though i woke him up! Then i had to go in to work for a little bit and he had to go to school:( Luckily just in the morning and then we got to go to a movie and dinner with his family!! We went and saw Source Code and went and ate at pizza pie cafe! It was yummy!!:) They have the best salad there! After dinner we came home and opened presents!
I think the best part of the night was when martha ( my mother in law) got out the home videos of john when he was little! Oh my heck it was the funniest thing i have ever seen! He was the funniest little kid! He was so adorable too! I'm hopin cooper takes after his dad!!:) ha ha! It was a fun day and i hope john enjoyed it! Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you!!:)
On sunday was my 33 week mark!! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! I need to start getting everything ready! He is gonna be here before we know it! Its so fun to see a lot of my friends and family with all there cute babies and it makes me so excited for cooper to get her! Only a month and a half left! I feel humungo and i probably look huge too!! i can definitely tell he is getting bigger and his kicks are getting a little harder too!! I love it but i'm also ready to hold him in my arms!! I love him so much and i can't wait!

33 weeks!!!!
Happy Birthday sweetie!!
New Shoes!!

At the movie theater!

I love this picture of van!!! He loves these glasses!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

31 weeks!!

Its so crazy how fast time flies!! Its all becoming more and more real the closer my due date gets! I'm getting really nervous but definitely very excited!! I can't wait to hold my little boy for the first time and i know it will be one of the best days of my life! We bought his crib and stroller this past week and its exciting! I love them both and i'm so excited to get his room all done and ready for him! Everyone says i'm nesting because of all the crafts and projects i've been doin for cooper's room and i guess i admit that i have been goin a little crazy but its just been so fun!! I love crafting and so i have to at least show them off a little even though i'm sure people could do a lot better than me!! Ha ha ha oh well!! Here is my project for this week! I made a fabric wreath with one of my favorite colors ORANGE!!! ha ha It looks great on my wall and it was really easy! I just bought one of those Styrofoam rings and with extra fabric that i've had lying around i cut about 18" strips and double wrapped them around the Styrofoam! Really simple and easy and cute!!

31 Weeks!!

This weeks project!!:)
Fabric wreath!! Finished project!!
Product Image
The stroller we bought for little cooper!! Hope he likes it!!
Graco - Lauren 4-in-1 Convertible Fixed-Side Classic Crib, White
The crib we bought for him too!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Weeks!!:)

I can't believe I only have 10 more weeks left of this pregnancy! These last few months have gone by so fast and i'm getting so excited and nervous! I can't wait to meet my little cooper! He is gonna be perfect and i feel so blessed to be his mom!! John is so excited too and i know he is gonna make such a great dad! He already loves to talk to him and read him books! The cutest thing is when he kisses my belly and tells little cooper how much he loves him! We have been going to a prenatal class for the past 3 weeks and it has been great! A lot of info that i had no clue about so i'm so glad we decided to take the class! I guess i would rather know about everything thats going on instead of being surprised! I think its made me a little bit more nervous about everything though so i hope everything goes good! I hope i can push this baby out!!
A few weeks ago we went up to Idaho to support my cousin Baylee and her husband Jake getting sealed in the Idaho Falls temple! It was such a special day for them and i'm so glad we were there to share that experience with them!! I'm so proud of them and i know they are so happy!! While we were up there they decided to do a baby shower for me! It was really sweet of them and they spoiled me way too much! My aunt snap always has really cute ideas to personalize all the gifts!! It was so cute and i'm so grateful for my family and all they do for us!! I'm grateful for their support and love!
I've also been working on some projects for coopers room and i hope i can finish his room before he gets here!! I for sure know i probably don't have a choice cause when he does get here i won't have any time to really do anything! I hope everything comes together like i'm hoping!! I almost have everything except his crib and stroller and some little odds and ends! There are a lot of things that a little boy needs!! ha ha! He is for sure gonna be spoiled too though from his grandparents and all his aunts and uncles! He already is!! He is so loved already and we can't wait to meet our sweet little boy!!
I'm starting to feel so uncomfortable as he gets bigger and bigger and the space is getting less and less for him!! Its getting harder and harder to sleep without waking up 5-6 times! I guess those are just some of the joys of being pregnant! I do love being pregnant but i can tell its time for him to come soon!! Not too soon but he can come like a week early if he really wants! I would totally be ok with that!! ha ha! My favorite part of being pregnant is to feel him move! He goes crazy and its the best feeling! I LOVE it! I'm gonna miss that but then i will have him in my arms which will be an even better feeling! 30 Weeks!!My project this week!! The ugly rocking chair i bought for $19 on ksl! I decided to see if i could recover it!! It was actually a lot easier than i thought!!

Cute pic frames i made for little coopers room!!
On our way to the temple in Idaho for my cousins sealing!!
The yummy cake balls my aunt made!! Cute!!:)

See what i mean when i say i got spoiled!!
The cute diaper bag my aunt gave me!
The baby blanket my aunt made for little cooper!! I LOVE it! Thanks Teri!!


So we've got some exciting news!!!:) I"M PREGNANT!!!:) We are so excited for this sweet spirit to come into our family and we feel so blessed! I'm so grateful for this opportunity and me and john are both very very excited!!!
Well the pregnancy so far has been great except the fact that i eat sooo much and sleep all the time! I seriously am so tired all the time and when i when i wake up in the morning i feel like a haven't slept at all! Then when i hit my 6 weeks i started feeling so sick! Everyday has been so miserable and i really couldn't keep anything down. I was so worried about the baby not getting the nutrients it needs so i called the doctor and told them i could not keep anything down. I talked to one of the nurses and she told me to come in to make sure i didn't need an iv. I went in and they gave me some anti nausea medicine and it has been a miracle! Oh my heck i really though i was gonna die and i honestly didn't know how i was gonna get through the next few weeks or even longer. Its not even a for sure thing that morning sickness stops at 12 weeks so i really would not have made it! And another thing i wish it was just morning sickness instead of all day sickness! ha ha! Its even more miserable when everything smells disgusting to you and you are literally starving but not one thing you eat tastes good! And then i end up throwing it up anyway so even though it was sooo miserable i know it will be worth it in the end when i get to hold that sweet spirit in my arms!!!:) I'm so excited to be a mom and john has been so cute about everything! I know he is so excited to be a dad too!!:)

Corb has been playin football this summer/fall! Can i just tell you that my brother is such a stud!! He is so freakin amazing at football and just cause he's little doesn't mean he can't do any damage! ha ha! He's played amazing this year and we're so proud of him!

Labor Day Weekend!!!!

I know Labor day was a few weeks ago but i'm a major slacker! We went up to out cabin in tabiona! It was so nice up there and really pretty with all the leaves changing on the trees! We rode 4- wheelers and hung out at the cabin! We had a campfire on Sunday night and went shooting on out way home on monday! It was a nice enjoyable weekend but glad to be back sleepin in my own bed!! ha ha!

It was Van's birthday on september 3!! He's 1 year old and the cutest thing you've ever seen!!:) Kels got a little cake for him to eat and at first he wouldn't touch it with his hands he would just stick his face in it! Hilarious!!

Bently loves to sit in the horses water especially when its really hot outside!

So this is an overload of pictures from the summer! sorry i've been slackin on keepin up on my blog! This was the beggining of the summer at the cabin! Roastin mallows

I was watchin van the other day and he has this horse named bill that he loves and snuggles with so i got the cutest smile out of him! love him!!:)

Brin and morg on one waverunner and my dad and karson on the other

My dad and corbin on the waverunners at bear lake

John messin around on the waverunners! Don't worry his oakley's flew off and sunk to the bottom so he and my uncle went lookin for them and they found a pop up canopy all set up and everything! Finders keepers!! ha ha

van and grandpa playing by the campfire at bear lake! ha ha his face is hilarious

Welcome home Kaden!

Happy 4th of July!

Up in park city for my birthday! ridin the roller coaster


HAHAHAHA this was hilarious! cam and corb attacked my mom with that nasty smelling silly string! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! love you!!:)

my great granpa ostler! He's 90! he looks fantastic!! ha ha love you!:)

We went to breakfast with my family before my great grandpa's 90th birthday in twin falls

Happy Father's day Dad!! Love you!!:)

I though this was hilarious! He was just sitting there with his legs crossed lookin at a card!! ha ha hilarious!!

celebrating john's b-day on sunday at my parents house!

At supercross before it poured on us!!:)

Happy Birthday Baby!!!:) Love you!

The fam!

Blowin out the candles!

Puttin candles on his favorite cake!!:)

Ha ha ha everytime i would go and take the picture he would squint his eyes right as i took it cause the flash was too bright!!! Love him!! He is so dang cute!:)

Love this pic even though John isn't really lookin at the camera!! Can you tell he's sick of takin pictures already???!!:)

Ha ha I'm retarded!!:)

Love him!!!:)

Takin pics at the Temple!!!:) Amazing Day!!:)

How cute is he with his popped collar and his gorgeous big blue eyes!!!:) Love him!!!:)

Tiff and Jaden comin out of the Temple!!:) How cute!

He is the cutest little boy ever!! I love him!!!:)